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Hello Kitty Magic Trick Case Lighter

Hello Kitty Magic Trick Case Lighter

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🔥 Double the Functionality: Say goodbye to traditional cigarette cases and lighters; the Hello Kitty Magic Trick Case Lighter is here to revolutionize your experience. Not only does it house your cigarettes in a sleek and secure compartment, but it also features an integrated lighter, ensuring you're always ready to light up in style.

 A Touch of Magic: But here's where the magic truly unfolds. Impress and mystify your friends with a captivating trick that's hidden within this unique accessory. With a subtle slide of the case, your cigarettes appear like a magician's grand reveal. But that's just the beginning.

🎩 Dare to Disappear: For the grand finale, press a discreet button while sliding open the case again, and watch as your cigarettes seemingly vanish into thin air. It's a mesmerizing illusion that's sure to leave your friends and onlookers in awe.

Product features: 

- Easy USB charging

- Moisture and sweat proof 

- Large capacity 

Great and convenient for travel use!

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Customer Reviews

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Cutest case!

Just so much fun to use. It’s functional and fun as well as taking about 2 weeks to get here I would buy again!